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Ann directs Daring Daughters and hosts our Mission-Minded Families podcast. She’s a mom of 7 kids (born 1986 to 2000, with 5 K-12 homeschool-graduates, 4 married-in-spouses, and new grandkids). She’s a speaker (to 35+ nations), wife of 30+ years to Jon Dunagan (founder of Harvest Ministry and mission evangelist to 70+ nations — focused on winning souls, equipping nationals, serving village churches, and caring for 1000+ orphan children in East Africa and Asia). Ann’s books include The Mission-Minded Family (featured on FamilyLife Today and Revive Our Hearts) along with The Scarlet Cord: Nothing but the Blood of Jesus (co-authored with Jon). With passion for the Lord and the lost, Ann motivates women and families for God’s Great Commission.


Ann’s books include The Mission-Minded Child, The Mission-Minded Family, and The Scarlet Cord: Nothing but the Blood of Jesus (co-authored with husband, Jon Dunagan).

As a veteran homeschooling family (for over 25 years) Jon and Ann frequently speak at homeschooling conventions, including OCEANetwork – Oregon State’s Homeschooling Conference, and several years for Teach Them Diligently (in Ohio, Tennessee, Georgia, South Carolina, Washington DC, and Texas).

Jon & Ann Dunagan have been happily married since 1986.

The Dunagan Family

2 thoughts on “Meet Ann Dunagan

  1. Dear Ann, Hi:) I have been praying about what God:) has recently placed on
    My heart.Missions:) I never been on a missions trip before, and running into your web page is a second confirmation I received the third and final earlier today:) God :) is Awesome. He confirmed Africa, and I Love children (I have 4 of my own:) 21, 19, 7-girls and 2months-my little boy:) So I’m not sure the next step, praying and felt led to email you:)I know God:) will lay something on your heart;) Sincerely, Miranda :) from Kansas

    • Wow, Miranda! Thanks for stopping by and sharing about what God is stirring in your heart about Africa and missions. Come take a look at our LEADERSHIP page! We have mentoring resources and ideas to help encourage YOU!!! Maybe consider launching Daring Daughters (or something for Mission-Minded Women) in Kansas!!!

      blessings to you!

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