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At Daring Daughters, our passion is calling women — of all ages — to local and global missions. We have a fervent heart for God’s Greatest Commandment (Deuteronomy 6:5, Mark 12:28-31) and God’s Great Commission (Matthew 28:19). We love God, we love others, and by His grace, we DARE to OBEY.

We’re women who care about the next generation!

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As God-loving women, we want to glorify God’s Name, wherever He calls us — reaching the neighbors next-door or the nations across the globe (along with the children entrusted to our care, right in our own homes!).

Break my heart for what breaks Yours. 
Everything I am for Your kingdom’s cause.
Show me how to love like You have loved me.

Our hearts beat for God’s purposes and they “break” for the evils and injustices of our world. And we DARE to pray and to ask God how we can help.

  • As mothers (and as mentors), we want to seek God fervently, with our lives and our families in God’s daily divine balance. We want to effectively train our daughters (and all of our children) to love the Lord and to glorify Him. At the same time, we long to be examples of God’s mercy and compassion.
  • As daughters (and girls of this generation), we want to prepare for our future, while fully embracing and enjoying this season. We want to live with a biblical, self-sacrificing perspective, that’s so different than today’s selfish, humanistic mindset. We choose to worship God and to enjoy Him forever . . . and somehow, we also want to shine for Jesus in our dark and hurting world.

We’re bringing the generations together . . .

Ann Dunagan - Director of Daring DaughtersAs Director of Daring Daughters, I’m excited about what God is doing and who He is bringing together.

We have a vision for women of all ages — from our “little sisters” (girls ages 6-12), our awesome teens and college/career girls, to our busy moms and honored “senior” sisters. We’re uniting across generations, denominations, and nations, to seek God and to dare to move forward!

We see women of all ages coming together — with the spiritual wisdom and perspective of moms and grandmas combined with the energy and zeal of youth. We envision the potential in many mother-daughter-teams and young women mentoring-groups . . . and pray for God’s kingdom to come!

Together, as we fervently seek the Lord and His purposes, God can give us His fresh perspective for living with wholehearted devotion and day-by-day purity. Instead of merely “fulfilling responsibilities” and “following rules” we want to live with a higher vision. We want God to mold us — from the inside out — and to train us for His leadership and service. We surrender everything to Him and allow Him to work through us, however He desires, whether His plans are adventurous and big, or simple and small.

As moms and daughters, we seize each day, while preparing for the future and investing in eternity. We’re embracing the here-and-now to obey God with both radical obedience and daily faithfulness.

  • As mothers, (and as mentors) we’re reaching up to God, to magnify Him and to let our hearts begin to dream again, as in the days of our youth.
  • As daughters, (and as girls of the next generation) we’re ready to learn . . . and to step up to God’s calling for the days to come!

We’re all Daring Daughters . . . who DARE to obey God!

Reach for God-Sized Dreams . . . with Daring Daughters!

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