FREE mentoring resources…

Do you want to draw closer to God . . . and to reach for His God-sized dreams?

At Daring Daughters, we have many FREE resources to mentor women and girls for missions — online Bible studies, blog articles, videos, Bible-memory pictures, LIVE Periscope videos, and our weekly Mission-Minded Families podcast.


Are you ready to get serious with God?

Get equipped through our FREE Daring Daughter E-course — with audio mp3’s and PDF study guide! Draw closer to God, draw closer to each other (as moms and daughters, or as friends), and be challenged by the needs of local and global missions. Our eCourse can be accessed through our LEADERSHIP PAGE (our missions eCourse is designed for mothers and daughters, but it can also be used for mentoring women or girls of any age).

As you join LEADING Daring Daughters, you’ll have access to our eCourse and private Facebook group, along with many additional resources!

FREE Stuff especially for Moms:

FREE Craft Project: Mission-Minded Passports for Your Kids

(Part 1 of a 5-part series) on Getting your LIFE in FOCUS!

FREE Focus Chart — God Wants to be LORD of Every Area
FREE Abiding Mom Verses

FREE Bible Reading Chart

Reach for God-Sized Dreams . . . with Daring Daughters!

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Which one of these FREE resources blesses you today?

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