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12+ Ideas for “Christian” or “Cross” Pumpkin Carving

Looking for Christian, Cross, Gospel-oriented, or even just “pretty” pumpkin carving ideas to “shine” for Jesus on your front porch? Here are some fun ones:

Be sure to also see “The Pumpkin Gospel” by Angie Tolpin (FREE download in PDF format to teach kids about God’s salvation while pumpkin carving) and “Equipping Your Family for Harvest” by Ann Dunagan (FREE family teaching on mp3).

1. Carve 1 cross or 3 crosses
2. Carve a Christian “fish” symbol
3. Carve a cross with a fish or a star
4. Carve a heart, or several pumpkins with hearts
5. Carve the words, God loves you, Light of the World, or Shine
6. Carve the name of Jesus
7. Carve a dove
8. Use a drill to make pretty dots in a pattern
9. Carve pretty designs half-way through the pumpkin
10. Write a Bible verse with an engraver tool
11. Make an arrangement of un-carved pumpkins
12. Teach “The Pumpkin Gospel”

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Redeeming Halloween | FREE Pumpkin Gospel Printable

Harvest, Halloween, and Your Family

Equipping Your Family for Harvest
A mission-minded teaching,
by Ann Dunagan

FREE mp3 audio. (19 min.) < < < click here
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On October 31st this year, how can your family “shine” for Jesus?

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