Link to all of Ann’s Periscopes


Ann Dunagan: Director of Daring Daughters

Ann Dunagan: Director of Daring Daughters

Periscope is an awesome LIVE video app, where you can participate in the discussion by adding comments and interacting. You can follow Ann Dunagan on Periscope which is also connected to her twitter account.

Ann’s primary Periscope theme is #MissionMinded LIVE — Calling Women to World Missions. She especially talks to women and moms, focusing on local and global missions, personal devotions and Bible study insights, upcoming events with Daring Daughters or Mission-Minded Women, or whatever random thing is on her heart!

You can watch all of Ann’s previously recorded Periscopes on Katch — at

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  1. Looking forward to attending! Have come from Australia to represent the WWDA Youth Network and other young women and girls with disabilities in Australia, and share the event with them!

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