Paraguay: Making Music in the Dump (video)


A Daring Daughter from Texas sent us a link to this inspiring YouTube video. A musician had a creative idea to bring quality music to poverty-entrenched communities. But the impact of this musician’s idea went far-beyond the initial dream.

This fascinating video is well worth 11 minutes. It’s not a Christian video or a missionary video, but it has stirred our hearts on both accounts.

God has called us, as Christians, to go into all the world and to preach the Gospel. He’s called us to preach the Gospel to the poor and to love others. The man in this video is a professional musician who had compassion for the poor and a creative idea that was different, and he DID SOMETHING about it. It’s an inspiring example.

God has given us the Good News of Jesus. He has also given us amazing minds and hearts to love others and to do beautiful things. He can stir you with a simple idea that could go far beyond what you could imagine. Through you, God can bring His “music” of salvation to a lost and dying world.

Just imagine what could happen if we took action on some of our crazy ideas and dreams, empowered by God’s grace and God’s anointing!

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Daring Daughters, after watching this video, we would love to hear your thoughts. Did this video inspire you? What are some ideas and dreams in your heart? What do you think about helping the poor, for Jesus?

One thought on “Paraguay: Making Music in the Dump (video)

  1. Just received a few comments via facebook . . .

    “My oh my. How inspiring!” — From John, a missionary to the Philippines (who has a church planting and village health ministry in very poor areas)

    “Thank you Ann for sharing this. It so filled my heart with emotion. Very inspiring!” — From Lorraine, a Christian school teacher in Oregon

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