Orphan Brochure

We have a simple information packet from Daring Daughters sharing about how we as a ministry are LOVING ORPHANS. It’s such a joy to love orphan children for God’s kingdom and His GLORY. The packet has ideas for how you can pray and how you can help.

If you would like to receive one, just send us your mailing address (not email).

4 thoughts on “Orphan Brochure

  1. I must say it was hard to find your page in google.
    You write awesome posts but you should rank your blog higher
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  2. Blessings,
    I have just(miraculously) come across your web site and was
    ignited with compassion and passion for the ministry to the
    orphans and the lost.
    I look forward to being linked to you and eagerly await
    the brochure. A long way to Australia by post, but not by

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