Dare to Rejoice . . . in Missions #4 Remember the Poor (Meet Katy)

Dare to Rejoice . . . in Missions! #4
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“They desired only that we should remem­ber the poor,
the very thing which I also was eager to do.” 1 Peter 2:10

Today, continuing this week’s series, “Dare to Rejoice…in Missions!” Ann talks with her dear friend and missionary, Katy Ricards, who works alongside her husband, John, with Ministry to Christian Nationals (MCN) in the Philippines.

Katy shares how God surprised her by going “outside her box” of what a missionary call should look like. Highlighting over 20 years of mission ministry to village pastors (Tribal Gospel Fellowship) and their outreach to impoverished villages (Remember the Poor) Katy also shares how God can link believers to specific areas of missions, even through hobbies and interests, like gardening or travel.

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Dare to Rejoice . . . in Missions #4:

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Dare to Rejoice…in Missions #4
(highlighting Katy Ricards, missionary to the Philippines)

Mission Photos from John & Katy Ricards in the Philippines:

Filipino Pastor Mateo (left) with Katy’s husband, missionary John Ricards. Here they are standing at the site where the tornado wiped out the village church and where Pastor Mateo’s family died. Please keep them in your prayers.

Clean Water Filter

Drink­ing water in tribal villages most often comes from open sur­face water sources which are eas­ily polluted. Outbreaks of diarrhea, amoeba, liver fluke, typhoid and other water borne dis­eases are common occurrences in tribal areas and many die each year from these dis­eases, especially children and the elderly. This photo shows a clean water filter, which (for only $50) can help a family or village.

Nurse Merly (in the center) assisting with medical needs

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