Women’s Literacy (video) — with Gospel for Asia

There are 250 million women in Asia who are illiterate.

Could you imagine looking at words and not being able to read? Could you imagine not being able to read the Bible? Could you imagine being a poor mother, totally illiterate and trapped with your children in poverty? In many areas of the world, literacy is a big need . . . and one that should concern us as Daring Daughters.

We encourage you to watch the 3 minute video from Gospel for Asia. It has a darling beginning (of a precious little girl from India sharing a compelling statistic) and then goes on to highlight one Christian woman who went from being illiterate to now being able to read and study the Bible! How beautiful!!!

Here’s more information about this recommended ministry: Gospel for Asia
Gospel for Asia (women’s literacy program) < < <


We would to hear YOUR thoughts here on our BLOG (and we’re really working to try to get more COMMENTS and interaction going on here, so every comment or feedback note would be super appreciated!!!).

—–What stood out to you in this mission video?
—–Did this video help to stir-up this need — to help women, or youth, or children who are illiterate?
—–Have you ever thought about your ability to READ as a skill which could help share the Gospel, to relieve poverty or to bring genuine hope to women and families?
—–Are you currently considering a mission trip to a poor nation?

2 thoughts on “Women’s Literacy (video) — with Gospel for Asia

  1. Gospel for Asia is such an awesome ministry. I thought the testimony about the woman who can now read the Bible was very compelling. It’s shocking to read that statistic about 250 million women in Asia are illiterate.

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