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The Whole World Needs Jesus is a delightful read-aloud book the whole family will enjoy. With its rhyming text and whimsical illustrations, this 8.5 x 11 hardcover children’s book focuses on the Gospel and God’s Great Commission. For homes, churches, schools and ministries, it’s an enjoyable tool to encourage kids to love God and to love others, with a life-long heart for unreached people and global missions.

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Title: The Whole World Needs Jesus

Author: Ann Dunagan
Illustrator: Caela Rose Dunagan
Publisher: Harvest Ministry
ISBN: 978-57818209-48
Book Type: Hardcover
Size: 8.5 x 11

Available at:


We Appreciate our KIDS BOOK PROMO Team!!!

We’re so thankful for friends of the ministry who have stepped up to help “spread the news” about The Whole World Needs Jesus — through blogging and posting on social media, through sharing with friends and family, or with churches and ministries.

Please also be PRAYING for God’s purposes in this little book. Our hope and prayer is for this little book to become an effective TOOL to stir the hearts children (and the big-people reading the book) to have a life-long passion for sharing the Good News of Jesus all over the world, especially to people who have never ONCE even heard what God’s done!


New Life is a wonderful gift for each one

But some still haven’t ONCE

Even heard what God’s done!


Who will take the Good News

To all those far away?

Who will help?

Who will give?

Who will kneel down and pray?


We all have a part

So just lend a hand

Till the message of Jesus

Has reached every land.


If you’re interested in helping to promote this tool for missions, please use the hashtag, #wholeworldneedsjesus . Also, here is a PDF info file — specifically for our Blogger and Leader Kid’s Book Promo Team.

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Sweet Words from Happy Readers . . . 


The Whole World Needs Jesus is delightful and inspiring with its rhythmic cadence and beautifully creative illustrations — and the message to GO! I’m thankful to be in the grandparent-ing season and can’t wait to enjoy this book with our grandchildren. Thank you!

— Susie Phillips – Grandma from Oregon



The Whole World Needs Jesus is a beautiful book with the best message. Thank you for writing this book which has quickly become my girls’ favorite. And the pictures are so fun and funny. We love this book!

— Nicole Stranz – Mother of 3


As an Intercessor, The Whole World Needs Jesus moved my heart. Not just for my need to pray more into missions, but to teach our children and grandchildren to pray for missions and missionaries. Caela Rose did an outstanding job expressing God’s heart for His world through her illustrations. Beautiful!

— Christy B. – Women’s Bible Teacher


There are some people God just places very deliberately in our paths, that share a similar dream and inspire us that it can be done. And although I’ve never met her face-to-face, I feel Ann Dunagan is one such person. So when her latest book came in the mail, I was excited to share it with my kids over our poetry and tea time. My kids loved it. The Whole World Needs Jesus was written as a call to the Great Commission in a way even the youngest can understand. I love Ann’s ministry and heart for missions that can be felt behind every word. As a veteran homeschooling mom of seven who traveled around the world with the message of Jesus, Ann ignites so much hope in me that my family will be able to do the same as we endeavor to make the treasured commission of our Lord Jesus our first priority in this life. She shares her well of wisdom on podcasts for Mission Minded Families as well and has written books to equip families. Because…”God’s call is for all.”

— Ruby (Joye) Dicharry,


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The Whole World Needs Jesus (target age is about 4-8) and the much-needed missions message and illustrations can be enjoyed by the whole family. This book is a tool for parents, grandparents, children’s ministers, Sunday school teachers, churches, Christian schools, homeschooling families, missionaries and mission organizations.

The book could be an encouragement to give to missionaries on the field (as a gift for either missionary grandparents or missionary parents with young children) — or as a tool for missionaries to give to their mission-supporting families or churches, as a gift of gratitude (and to encourage global missions in the churches where they minister).


World mission topics included in The Whole World Needs Jesus:

  • God’s love for so many people all over the world
  • God’s love for all ages, all cultures, all geographical areas
  • God’s love for both the rich and the poor
  • The need to share with others — and to not be greedy
  • The need to share the Gospel with unreached people
  • Different cultures around the world
  • Different languages around the world
  • The uniqueness and preciousness of every person
  • Funny food people eat around the world
  • What is sin?
  • What is the Gospel of Jesus?
  • Why should we go?
  • How can everyone be involved in God’s Great Commission?


Sample wording…


In God’s eyes each person

Is wonderfully made

So to witness and share

We should not be afraid.

With the power of His Spirit

We can be BOLD

For the Gospel to everyone

Must be told!



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You can get The Whole World Needs Jesus — at