(audio) Goal-Achieving #4

Part 4: Living in God’s Balance and Order — In this session, we’re looking at 7 different areas of our life: Our spirit, soul, and body . . . our family, our friendships/fellowship with others, our stewardship of resources (home, time, talents, money), and our ministry/mission. How can we keep in God’s balance and order? What goal should we focus on next? What area would bring the most momentum?

Goal-Achieving Workshop — Part 4 (21:43 minutes)

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2 thoughts on “(audio) Goal-Achieving #4

  1. I listened to all four segments on goal achieving and I thought it was very good. Especially dealing with dreams that the Lord has placed on hearts and how to go about acheiving it step by step. With goal #1 just by being in position and being obedient.

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