12-year-old Lia Speaks on Abortion: Video Goes Viral

lia-millsWhat a wonderful example of a Daring Daughter (with a very supportive mom!). At 12-years-old, Lia Mills presented a speech on abortion for her 7th grade class (after much prayer and careful preparation). Today, her YouTube video has been seen nearly 2 MILLION times.

As you watch, let God challenge you to DARE to OBEY!

At first Lia’s pro-choice teacher told her that she was disqualified from the school’s speech competition because her topic was too controversial. But then she HEARD the speech and was so blown away she changed her mind. Lia went on to WIN the competition!

Lia Mills and her mother Kimberly display the camera used to shoot Lia’s wildly successful video on abortion. Read an interview with Lia and her mother on Life Site News

Lia’s Prepared Speech for the National Pro-Life Conference in Canada

Lia’s speech was recorded several years ago, in 2009; and today, her YouTube video is still impacting our generation. This “little girl” is now a beautiful young Christian woman, continuing to speak for pro-life needs. She can be found on Facebook at LiaMills4Life.

Lia’s response to Daring Daughters:

Lia Mills

Lia Mills

Thank you so much for sharing this with me — I think the work that you are doing with Daring Daughters is incredible and I’m glad you were able to use my message to help further your message to these women! May God bless you and the work that you are doing in His kingdom. Thank you once again for your support and for sharing this with me — so encouraging!

Sincerely, Lia Mills

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  1. This little girl did a fabulous job presenting her views on a very tough issue with a strong defense for life, filled with compassion and articulation far beyond her young years.

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